1. Begins in the courtyard of railways, with a reception and transfer tower or Open Access concentrates where he arrived from nearby stores by secondary conveyors.
2. The mineral passes a closed and sealed tubular belt , which has a system of 2000 tonnes per hour and carries concentrated in isolation from the environment.
3. The entire route of the tubular belt is 3.1 km and is done through the industrial zone that crosses the grounds of the Central Andean railroad company , street MariГЎtegui , Petroperu Navy and mouth of the river Rimac . I mean by totally out of housing areas.
4. Specialized dock is built near the north jetty of the port , is only 200 m long and can handle vessels up to 60 tons loading capacity in 20 years came as 5.3 million m3 annual tons of concentrates.
5. In the harbor of the port of Callao , near the northern breakwater , is connected to a transfer tower for transporting minerals concentrates on a style belt tripper in a completely closed environment gallery to the new dock and terminal boarding.
6. Finally mineral concentrates arrive at ship loader , specialized equipment that directly download efficiently and environmentally safe inside the holds of ships.
Begins operation in 2013 and serves an initial demand was 3.7 million m3 Tn.
The Project comprises:
- Belt conveyor tubular bearing mineral concentrates from a point between existing stores.
- New mineral spring , which allows the berthing of ships of 226.0m long, 34.0 m wide and 13.1 m deep ; reason , the Project considers dredging activities area for berthing , docking and undocking vessel , considering a minimum operating depth of 14.0 m . The area to be dredged is located in the harbor of the port of Callao, the inner side of the North Breakwater Port Terminal of Callao , between Pier No. 7 Oil and Pier Marginal Northern Naval Base , in an area filled with sediments and outside the transit area of the ships.
- AC boat or ship loader is installed in the new mineral spring.