Our Terminal

It is a 220 meter long and 21meter wide reinforced concrete structure, built on top of 93 ASTM A572 structural steel pipe piles with a diameter of 1,016 mm and a 19 mm wall thickness.
The concrete deck of the pier consists of prefabricated, reinforced concrete beams mounted on top of the pillar heads; it is a concrete slab formed by precast concrete elements connected "in situ" by casting concrete. 
All longitudinal beams, cross beams and slabs were prefabricated of reinforced concrete which, in a first stage, were prefabricated on land, transported and then assembled on top of the piles. In the second stage, assembly was executed by "in situ" pouring of the beams and slabs, to form a monolithic board. 
The pier has all the necessary elements for docking and mooring of vessels, such as fenders, bollards, rails and other elements corresponding to the Shiploader.
Ships of up to 60,000 DWT can maneuver and moor at our terminal.